"CretaMorphosis" – sustainable holidays for the inner changes

KretaMorfozės – darnių atostogų projektas. Apie mus. Kreta, Graikija | Mano Kreta
„CretaMorphosis“ – sustainable travel project and personalized slow type holiday in Crete and Greece | Mano Kreta

Sustainable travel project and personalized slow holidays’ idea of „CretaMorphosis“ created Audrius and Jurgita – the owners of the company „MANO KRETA“ located in Crete island, Greece. This is a travel project that inspire to get acquainted with the real Crete.

We are Lithuanian couple Jurgita and Audrius. We visited Crete in 1999 for the frits time. Since then it became our favorite holiday destination until 2011. Then we moved here for residency and opened our own travel company in 2014. We craft, design and manage personalized holiday programs, excursions for individuals also offer other travel services to the holidaymakers coming to the island of Crete, Greece.
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Thus, life in Crete has changed us a lot including our approach to the world and the environment. And this is how the term „CretaMorphosis“ was created. It is a combination of two words. CRETE which is the name of the island we live and METAMORPHOSIS – the ancient Greek word that means the changes. By this term we define what the changes Crete made inside of us: the way of thinking, our approach, presents and daily life.

Moreover, along with a the idea of „CretaMorphosis“ we realize that many travelers would be keen to take part in such kind of Cretan holidays. We mean – to broaden own horizons, experience the life like the locals, enhance strength for the inner changes and the world around us. This is a project of sustainable travel we seek to present and to fulfill.

Basic principles of „CretaMorphosis“ sustainable holidays:

The duration of the sustainable holidays

Sustainable holidays cannot be short, at least one week, as we organize with MANO KRETA. We encourage for a 10-14 days travel. Many research and studies prove that it takes even longer period of time in order to break away from a routine and to learn something new. Longer stay at one area it is a precedence for less flights therefore a pollution of aviation industry is reduced.

Stay in one place to explore more

We explore the area within we will be staying. In case of traveling in a car, no scattering back and forth around the island in order to minimize fuel consumption. The same accommodation location for the holidays of up to 7 days, accommodation in two different areas in case of 10-14 days holidays. We thoroughly explore one area we stay before moving forward. Exceptions are possible due to the weather or other circumstances.

Variety during your holidays: history, mountain trails, Cretan traditions

Crete is not about the sun and the beaches! While exploring one region of Crete we are not limited by the beautiful beaches only. We encourage our travelers to immerse themselves into the natural and thousands year long human history. To walk the old mountain trails, explore flora and fauna of the island. To communicate with the local islanders, learn their crafts, customs and everyday life, last but not least to taste Cretan traditional and gourmet cuisine.

Holidays in peace

Less can actually mean more. A whole lot more. Breathe-easy and comfortable relax is important part of the holidays with „CretaMorphosys“. Therefore we are not going to insist for any extra services to be purchased if are not needed.

Inner state of tranquility

„CretaMorphosis“ is a holidays in a Greek rhythm of σιγά- σιγά / siga-siga meaning slowly-slowly (usually accompanied with a slow waggle of the right hand up and down). If during the day program we will feel good vibes at some particular place we will stay longer there. No rush, just to enjoy the moment. Sometimes the journey matter more than the destination.

Summarizing all the above, „CretaMorphosis“ it is a special project and unique sustainable holidays’ programs (2-20 days) with MANO KRETA for those who are willing to experience the authentic Cretan lifestyle, to see out the daily life of the islanders, to try their traditional crafts, discover and learn to cook healthy cretan food, walk the historical trails, explore the wonders of nature.

We are going to announce new programs for the summer holidays in Crete shortly. At the moment we offer „CretaMorphosys“ type individual tours for 2 to 4 days.

„CretaMorphosis“ offers an exclusive meet with the island of Crete

  • Unique holiday programs – from 5 to 20 days. For those who are keen learning the real life of Cretans. To try traditional crafts of the islanders, learn the secrets of gourmet cuisine, walk the historical trails, discover the wonders of nature.
  • Personal 2-4 day tours in Crete. For those who want to change the hotel environment and get to know Cretan life from the inside.
  • A tailor-made holiday in Crete and / or Greece – crafted according to „CretaMorphosys“ style and to your specifications.

Are you ready for „CretaMorphosis“ with MANO KRETA?

You are welcome to fill the enquiry form on the right side of this page. Or at the bottom of the page if you’re using on a mobile device. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request to discuss all the details of your sustainable holiday in Crete!

Sustainable holidays on Crete

This is a sustainable travel project that motivates to get acquainted with the real Crete. Special project and unique holiday programs (5-20 days) for those who are willing to experience the authentic Cretan lifestyle

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