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Sustainable travel? What does it mean and why sustainable travel is so important?
You may find the answer easily if you will look deeper into the details of your travel. Most probably you can remember not only smiles and breathtaking views but also some other awkward situations for example a case when a waiter in a coffee shop  brought you vague carbonated drink instead of ordered homemade lemonade.

If you are feeling kind of gnawing about the so-called carbon footprint of each flight, you consider the length of your trip in relation to the distance you’re traveling. This means the further is destination, the longer stay should be planned there. If you are considering a trip to the Crete from Europe then you should stay for at least a one week or two  rather than flying there and back in a week. 
When you arrive to a foreign country, you intend to explore one region comprehensively and later to be proud of the mileage that you have not traveled in a vehicle but walked.
Not in a hurry or rush. Slowly slowly. And enjoy the fact that the crispy potatoes served in a local taverna are from the fields nearby, cooked in a local olive oil and seasoned with fresh oregano from the garden around the corner.

Sustainable travel is not eco-tourism, it is much more. It covers ecology, economy, social and cultural concept in every sense. Sustainable travel is changing  the world and us. If you are ready for the changes, we invite you to join CretaMorphosis our sustainable travel project in Crete - to broaden own horizons, experience cretan life like the locals, gather strength for the inner changes and the surrounding world.

We will explore isolated part of Crete where the mountains meet the sea. We will climb the mountains to meet the shepherds in the highlands, collect the aromatic and medicinal herbs, make rustic bread in the traditional bakery, pick grapes and figs, learn traditional dances and take a part in the local festivals. Different, inspiring and unusual holidays in Crete on August 2020.

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If you are willing to enrich your holidays with real Cretan life experience? To add a day, two or more of CretaMorphosis program into your holiday plan? Welcome to get in touch with us! We will more than happy to craft and organize different & inspiring holidays according to your wishes, needs and interests.  CretaMorphosis program will be created  personally for you!

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