"CretaMorphosis" program on August 5–12th., 2021

KretaMorfozės – darnių atostogų programa Kretos saloje. Kreta, Graikija | Mano Kreta
„CretaMorphosis“ – is a special project and unique holiday programs in the island of Crete, Greece | Mano Kreta

Crete with no rush. To enjoy, relax and explore the island in a Greek rhythm of σιγά- σιγά / siga-siga meaning slowly-slowly.

„CretaMorphosis organize the first cultural expedition on August 5-12th, 2021. A program of sustainable holidays in a region of Crete with unique cultural traditions, hospitable people, where the mountains fall into the sea.

„CretaMorphosis“ it is a special project and unique holiday programs. Dedicated for those who are willing to experience the authentic Cretan lifestyle. To see out the daily life of the islanders, to try their traditional crafts, taste and learn how to cook healthy cretan food. And of course walk the historical trails, explore the wonders of the nature. More information about „CretaMorphosis“ is here >>

​Join „CretaMorphosis“ on August 5-12th, 2021, check the program. You are welcome to fill the enquiry form on the right side of this page. Or at the bottom of the page if you’re using on a mobile device. We will contact you within 24 hours of receiving your request to discuss all the details of your sustainable holiday in Crete!


• 08.05 – Arrival, meeting at the airport, no matter where you arrive: Heraklion or Chania airports. Transfer across the mountains to CreteMorphosis base in a traditional village. Sea bathing and other holiday treats. A trip up the mountains at a dusk.

• 08.06 – Shepherds’ trails, cheese cave and a touch of the mountain summit. Perception of the unique Cretan flora. Simple, nutritious and healthy Cretan cuisine the one that made the Cretan diet famous all over the world. Sunset on a cliff. And lots of stars.

• 08.07 – Ancient trail and son of Maya. 600 steps on the sand. Pure water beach. Visit to the first Christian prayers place in Crete. Lunch at the tavern uniting mountain walkers of Crete. The chef of taverna masterly combine skills and passion to serve up traditional flavors.

• 08.08 – Return to base of CretaMorphosis. Acquaintance with the locals, secret paths, bees, thyme honey. Stories from the Minoan era to the present day by touching, observing, smelling and tasting. Evening with the little talks and traditional dances.

• 08.09 – Culinary experience day: olive oil, cheese, wine, fresh vegetables. Traditional Cretan cooking lessons for experience and nutrition knowledge. If group will decide otherwise we will go hiking in the gorge. Optional – diving lessons (extra fee).

• 08.10 – Walk to the bakery on a stone kalderimi (old Cretan trail) and discourse about the traditional Cretan bread, herbs and milk rivers. Sea bathing in one of the former pirate ports.

• 08.11 – Holiday relaxing chill out day taking into account the desires of the group expressed during the six days of CretaMorphosis. The final EVIVA! in the evening.

• 08.12 – Departure to the airport or continuation of the holidays. We will be glad to plan an extension of your stay in Crete.

August 5-12th, 2021 „CretaMorphosis“ sustainable holiday program, price per person – from 880 Eur.

• All the transfers and fuel, pick-up at Chania or Heraklion airport, transfer to the airport of departure or to another hotel the last program day,
• Accommodation in the double/twin rooms. Accommodation in the single rooms on request, at the additional cost,
• Sea transfers in the program,
• Cretan type meals, 7 days/twice per day (breakfast + lunch or dinner + snacks), tastings,
• The services of experienced leader and travel guide in Crete.

• Flight tickets, please advice in case you may need an assistance to buy air tickets for a direct flights to/from Crete, no matter where you travel from – Vilnius or another European city. Please specify this in your request.
• Personal expenses, extra drinks, tips.

Small group holidays

nuo 880 /per person

We will explore isolated part of Crete where the mountains meet the sea. We will climb the mountains to meet the shepherds in the highlands, collect the aromatic and medicinal herbs, make rustic bread in the traditional bakery, pick grapes and figs, learn traditional dances and take a part in the local festivals. Different, inspiring and unusual holidays in Crete on August 2021.

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